Does the Independent Payment Advisory Board = “Death Panels”?

“Death Panels” has been a heated term of debate within the overall controversy that is the PPACA (Obamacare). It surfaced in 2009 when former Alaskan Governor used the term “death panels” in reference to the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) during a healthcare debate. The IPAB is a 15 member panel of unelected “experts” appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate with its main purpose to reduce Medicare spending.

Obamacare’s Funding: Where the money comes from and where it goes?

PPACA is a health care reform law that requires individuals to buy and maintain insurance or pay a penalty/tax. The law is funded in part by this penatly/tax and also by increased taxes on other health and non-health related items and services.

Story: Where Does the Money Come From? Besides the Individual Mandate penalty/tax, there are numerous NEW or INCREASED taxes and fees to fund all that is required by this law.

Understanding Obamacare’s “Individual Mandate”

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), less formally known as “Obamacare,” is a health care reform law that requires Americans to obtain insurance or pay a financial penalty.